Sendai Logic - 仙台ロジック Mathematical Institute, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University
Research Alliance Center for Mathematical Sciences, Tohoku University



Sendai Logic School at Tohoku University is a winter school on computability theory and related fields. Several tutorial lectures will be given for graduate students and novice researchers.

SLS series has been headed by Kazuyuki Tanaka (Tohoku University).


  • Sendai Logic School 2018.
    Date: 6-9 December 2018, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. See: SLS2018
  • Sendai Logic School 2016.
    Date: 28-29 February 2016, Tohoku University, Aobayama Campus, Science Complex C, Sendai, Japan. See: SLS2016
  • Sendai Logic School 2015.
    Date: 10 March 2015, Kawai Hall, Tohoku University, Mathematical Institute,Sendai, Japan. See: SLS2015
  • Sendai Logic School 2014.
    Date: 21 February 2014, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. See: SLS2014
  • Sendai Logic School 2013.
    Date: 22 - 23 February 2014, Sendai International Center, Sendai, Japan. See: SLS2013