• Computability Theory and Foundations of Mathematics (CTFM) aims to develop computability theory and logical foundations of Mathematics. The scope involves the topics Computability Theory, Reverse Mathematics, Nonstandard Analysis, Proof Theory, Constructive Mathematics, Theory of Randomness and Computational Complexity Theory.
  • CTFM series has been headed by Kazuyuki Tanaka (Tohoku university). Previous meetings, held as "Workshop on Proof Theory and Computability Theory", have taken place in Matsushima (2008, 2009), Inawashiro (2010).


Date: 21-23 March 2019, Wuhan University of technology, WUhan, China. See: CTFM2019

Surugadai Campus, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan. 13--15 September, 2018. See: CTFM2018

Date: 8-12 Sep 2017, National University of Singapore, Singapore. See: CTFM2017

Date: 20 - 21 September 2016, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan See: CTFM2016

Date: 7 - 11 September 2015, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. See: CTFM2015

Date: 17 - 20 February 2014, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. See: CTFM2014

Date: 18 - 20 February 2013, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. See: CTFM2013

Date: 20-23 February 2012, Harumi Grand Hotel, Tokyo, Japan. See: CTFM2012

Date: 21-24 February 2011, Akiu Spa Hotel Iwanumaya, Sendai, Japan. See: CTFM2011